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Postojna cave

A fascinating mix of underground passages, galleries and halls, an amazing diversity of  karst phenomena as well as an easy access  are the reasons why Postojna cave is visited and admired by so many tourists. In the last 200 hundred years the cave has been visited by 34 million people.  It is certainly the best-known cave in the world and the greatest tourist attraction in Slovenia as well as one of the greatest karst monuments in the world. A lot of books and articles have been written about Postojna cave and at least 100 guide books have been published in 200 years.

Lipica, the stud farm

Lipica, the cradle of all Lipizzaner horses in the world, is one of the most beautiful cultural and historical monuments in Slovenia. Its rich history goes back to the year 1580. The place has boasted the tradition of breeding and selection of thoroughbred horses for centuries. In the 1960s a classical riding school was established, and Lipizzaner horses and riders take part in equestrian events all over the world. Lipica successfully combines natural and cultural heritage of the unique karst environment with the modern  tourist offer.

Energy path from Lijak to Sekulak

The Energy and Theme Path from Lijak to Sekulak starts to the east of Nova Gorica and goes through the following villages: Šmihel, Ozeljan, Šempas , Vitovlje and Osek. The path is designed in such a way that we can start the hike in one of the above mentioned villages and we can choose the direction of the hike according to our fitness, interest and time. The path on the slope requires more fitness while the part in the valley is a real ramble. Intermediary links make it possible for us to round off our walk.

Vipava wine road

All the year round the Vipava wine route attracts visitors by offering a large selection of wine villages and winegrowers. It takes you one hour by car along the motorway from Ljubljana. Basic  services include high-quality wine and home-grown and home-made food and drinks. In addition to this, visitors can see the natural and historic sights, walk along marked theme paths, attend interesting events, buy a souvenir or any other handicraft object. They can relax playing tennis, enjoy cycling or decide to walk in the sky.

The Soča Valley

It is a valley which stretches along the Soča River from northwest Slovenia to Gorica area, where the valley opens into a large plain. The valley was formed by Soča glacier. It is divided into the upper and lower part. Settlements in the form of compact villages are typical of the area. They were built on the edges of gravel terraces suitable for agriculture. The most characteristic villages of this type are Gorenje polje, Deskle, Ročinj, Morsko and Avče. Larger settlements, such as Kanal and Plave, were built at important traffic junctions.

Campsite Lijak – parachuting

Campsite Lijak is located next to Mladovan farmhouse. It offers 35 camping places and two bungalows for six people. The surroundings of the campsite are suitable for cycling, kayaking, motorcycling and for paragliders, hang-gliders, parataxis. The guests can use the camp’s own runway. They are given an additional bonus on arrival. The campsite offers cold and warm water, electrical connections, sinks, a washing machine, a fridge , toilets and showers. 


Karst is rocky land where water acting on the limestone creates special surface shapes, caves and underground water streams. The word is derived from an old expression for a stone and it originally meant a stony (rocky) area.. The name Karst, which was derived from  that expression, denotes the region between the Gulf of Trieste and the Vipava Valley and between the Soča Valley and Brkini. Geological phenomena are so typical of this area that the expressions “Karst phenomena” and also simply “Karst”  are used all over Europe to denote all areas with similar characteristics which were discovered later. When similar phenomena were noticed in other parts of the world, they were described as Karst and since the previous century the term Karst has been used in all professional literature.

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The Kobarid Museum

The museum can be visited individually or in groups. Exhibitions are set up in Slovenian, Italian, German and English. The visitors who do not speak any of these languages are offered a short summary in other languages, which they are given on paying the entrance fee. Tour groups are offered a guided tour of the museum, which is included in the price for groups of more than 15 people. Individual guided tours are charged according to the price list. The languages used in guided tours are Slovenian, Italian, German, English, Croat, French and Spanish. An ordinary guided tour of the museum takes an hour and a half and it includes the screening of a documentary in Slovenian, Italian, German, English, French, Spanish, Check and Hungarian. The guided tour of a museum can be adapted to the wishes and demands of visitors. The museum can accept tour groups also outside working hours. The museum is open all the days in the year. You can find other useful information concerning the visit to the museum.

Apartmaji Košuta

Elizabeta Košuta s.p.

Vitovlje 37

5261 Šempas