Vipava Valley is situated between two Karst plateaus, Trnovo forest with Hrušica to the north and Trieste-Komen Karst to the south. It is one of the most original areas in Slovenia. You can see the sea at a distance of 12 kilometres.

As the valley opens to the west, it still has the main characteristics of a moderate sub-Mediterranean climate. Wind is an important factor here. The warm south-westerly called “mornik” comes to the valley across Karst bringing warm and moist Mediterranean masses, which result in heavy rainfall because of high barriers.

Apartments are situated in the village Vitovlje, in the hamlet called Čikavec, and they have a dramatic view of lower Vipava Valley, Karst and Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. They are situated in a house built of Karst stone 150 years ago, which results in natural air-conditioning, a more pleasant stay and connection with nature. Every apartment is bright and agreeable to stay in. It is perfectly furnished to offer the guests the possibility to relax after exploring and admiring natural beauties. Your stay in the apartment is a guarantee to have a quality holiday and rest.

We work and live on the principles of:

  • preserve the heritage of our ancestors
  • care for the natural environment
  • authenticity
  • simplicity and kindness
  • I love animals (pets are welcome)
  • I love people
Apartmaji Košuta

Elizabeta Košuta s.p.

Vitovlje 37

5261 Šempas